Rhythm, Texture, Structure

Regular contemporary dance class

Rhythm governs our every move: from the way we walk, talk and breathe down to the movements in our every cell. We will explore different rhythmic patterns, training our inner and outer listening to find ease and flow in our movement. Texture describes the degree of fluidity/rigidity in our overall body, as well as individual body parts. Any given situation requires an adaption of these textures in order to move efficiently, and many factors play into it: our relationship to space, the speed that want to move at, and even our thoughts in preparation to what’s coming next. While traditional training solely focuses on the muscular body in order to change texture, we will pay close attention to the fascial network as well, creating intelligent strength in our movement. Structure is not only a lense through which we can view how our bodies are put together, it also helps us understand how alignment can serve or hinder us when attempting to move. While certain paradigms apply to most humans, special attention is given to the way our individual structure informs the way we relate to space and gravity.



WHEN? Thursdays (September 19th through Dec. 19th, 18-20h)

WHERE? Schönngasse 2, 1020 Wien (Turnhalle der VS Schönngasse)

PRICE: € 18,-/drop-in, € 200,- all 14 dates

REGISTRATION: contact@plenvm.com

Gregor Krammer lebt in Wien und ist unter seinem Künstler-Alias PLENVM national und international tätig. Er ist zertifizierter CVT-Gesangslehrer, Initiator von 'Eat Slay Love' (Voguing-Ball) und unterrichtet Tanz und Bewegung mit einem besonderen Augenmerk auf anatomische Integrität und einem Verständnis für den kulturellen wie auch persönlichen Ausdruck. Seine Theaterstücke wurden mit dem STELLA*-Award und dem Kindertheaterpreis der Stadt Minden ausgezeichnet.

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